11:30 p.m.

Times are not that straight but I’d like to think that she is really a she.

She doesn’t seem to like hairs…facial as well as bodily. It’s dark in here. I lunge forward…to catch her but she is being a tease….tad playful…a puzzle. I am desperate…frustrated….all important muscles-tensed…waiting for her to come near. I grope in the dark, but all I get is thin air. She’s skillful…at this!

She brushes past me to again vanish in the dark. Is this for real…Is she for real ? or just a figment of my imagination…of my overworked mind…am I being schizophrenic…the disease in fashion these days !

I can feel the goosebumps…the vibrations…some chords being strummed. I can feel her…her body,crashing upon mine and the kiss…the kiss of death… and she digging into my neck…and the pain. And before I could grasp her,she escapes again…leaving me frustrated. She likes to see me in pain. She gets pleasure…fulfillment…nourishment from my pain. Ek macchar aadmi ko blogger bana deta hai…dedicated to the shady, hideous,  bloody blood suckers from my backyard !

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