Thought Provoking Morning

You wake up all charged up, mind focused – you are going to blast the work today – you are going to change the world – you are not going to be ‘distracted’.

You mount yourself on that iron frame – and paddle and paddle – with each paddle you think a bit more – you get more determined.

While you are still in that reverie,  a Volvo brushes past you and your focused eyes happen to roam over the backseats of Volvo.

You see two person, oblivious of their surroundings, people , doting over each other, getting closer,  their cheeks brushing each other and not unintentionally.

And then you realize – they are living in another parallel universe altogether – that’s also one truth of life – and they are so happycontent.

And then the realization hits you like a bullet – “what am I doing”, and then you also think (still pedaling) “how am I going to work after this”.

And then you also think – “I will write about this”.

And then office comes and you forget all that.

And then lunch break comes and it comes back and you have to tell it to somebody.

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