In Green Zone, Peepli was live, while August was Rushing past

Paul Greengrass – the name in the credit rolls – sounded familiar. Yes, he was the same guy who made last two in Bourne series . I watched Green Zone by him today, starring , his favourite (I guess), Matt Damon. So the movie had same gritty, intense, and professional feel to it , rather the same feel to the character of main protagonist, Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller , as the Bourne Series had. Everybody keeps calling him ‘chief’ and that sounds nice and that should give one’s ego a solid boost. Imagine somebody calling you chief/lead at workplace – WOW. The movie is based on the sham the US Government had created in the name of WMD in Iraq. Now Joshi told me that the script was made/based from wikileaks stories and may be one of those conspiracy theories or may be the real truth. I must say, the latter sounds obvious, how far from the ground we may be. Script is very well-written and executed. From first 15-20 minutes, the disillusionment of ‘Chief’ with the Washington is very much apparent. The guy wants to find out the real truth behind the war. The reasons for which men go to war is very sacred and important to him. This scene when finally his pent-up emotions came out – stands out :-

Miller: When you peddled that shit in DC, did they know it was a lie? Or did they just never bother to ask?
Clark Poundstone(hot shot Washington attache at Baghdad): Okay, okay. Come on, none of this matters anymore. WMD? This doesn’t matter.
Miller: [grabs Poundstone angrily and forcefully] What the fuck you talking about? Of course it fucking matters! The reasons we go to war always matter! It’s all that matters! It fucking matters!

Damon has same steely , professional character that he and Leonardo Di Caprio and even Daniel Craig are doing all these days – Blood Diamond, Body of Lies, Bourne Series, Casino Royale. Gone are the days of flirting, suave agents. What we are seeing is raw, brooding, thinking, steely agents.

Now Bollywood isn’t doing bad these days, coming up with – Tere Bin Laden, Udaan, Peepli Live and few more. I had missed the first two and didn’t want to miss Peepli, despite the heavy downpour today.It was a brilliant satire, especially since this is Anusha Rizvi’s first direction. I haven’t seen media getting bashed so badly,clinically in my life. Now we all laugh and smirk at these news channels all the time but these guys – Anusha Rizvi, Aamir Khan – took it to an entirely new plane altogether. Having said all that,  220 rupees for ticket + 50 rupees for butter popcorn and watching Hori Mahto dying after digging up hole all day for mere 15 rupees – I wasn’t feeling great, rather bit guilty, after the movie ended. We may not be very rich but we still are very fortunate.

We signed off the day with August Rush. This almost resembles one from Yash Johar camp or they will make a copy very soon. The first thing that struck me as slightly odd was that why the 11-12 year old kid is so mature but then I reconciled the doubting me with -“may be the child prodigies are like that”. The actress was one beautiful masterpiece by that artist called God. One or two songs were good if one likes emotional stuff – I may youtube them for some time. It has the potential to come to you as a fantastically intense movie depending upon your mood, your circumstances and your company most importantly, but otherwise it’s ummmmm okayish. Few scenes resembled Rock On also or may be Farhaan Akhtar/Abhishek something(director) had seen this and these scenes were swimming in their subconscious all the time till the time they decided to jot down their own  – yes – doubting and dismissive me coming to fore again. May be they were always their original scenes. Now this part of me = being politically correct :). Did anybody ask why the blog was named – Khichdi- you got it.

Anyway that’s the day – saturday = movie day – almost sounds like ‘tuesday halo nights’ from Big Bang Theory :). Did anybody said we resembled them minus their geeky quotient:)

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5 Responses to In Green Zone, Peepli was live, while August was Rushing past

  1. vjoshi says:

    Good good 🙂 you have a nice ability of putting and summarizing things… keep writing… 🙂
    and secondly… I don’t know if green-zone is from wikileak. It’s based on those sort of theories. And to be precise, it’s based on a novel by some journalist named Rajiv Chandrashekharan. And it’s been acknowledged at the end.

    • Ajay says:

      thanks Joshjyu…yes just checked, it’s been inspired by his book, Imperial Life in the Emerald City…I can feel my chest swelling by 1 cm …Indians are something aren’t we 🙂

  2. vjoshi says:

    Ohh also the title… “In Green Zone, Peepli was live, while August was Rushing past”… very nice…

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