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‘Miscarriage’ gave way to ‘Miracle’ in 5 days. They were my saviors. I turn 75 today. Old but ramrod straight. Years……since I saw anybody. All I see is rubble…zombies…everywhere. ‘Developed’ world has been erased. Greed has been their bane. What … Continue reading

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फिर आज

कुछ  गाँठ  पड़ी  थी , कोई  चाबी  खो  गयी  थी , किसी  तिजोरी  की , कुछ  कदम  रुके  थे  डर के  कभी फिर  कुछ  लोग  मिले  थे  आज , फिर  कुछ  जकड़न सुलझी  थी  आज, फिर  खज़ाना  मिला  था  आज … Continue reading

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Skies were romantic as usual. Elegant she looked. He was confused…lost a bit. Their eyes met. Others were watching too. He decided to be brave. He popped the question. She wasn’t surprised, almost expecting. With dimpled smile,came the reply “Go … Continue reading

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