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Finding an orphan 100 Rupee note on a street…. Finding empty roads on a Monday morning (thanks to holiday in other offices)…. Cooking, by chance, an amazing Daal… Small surprises make life so WORTH living ! Agumbe-Sringeri was such an … Continue reading

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लडखडाना इरादों का काफी हुआ अब भंवरों में उलझना नहीं है अब इस रात की सुबह की तलाश है बुझे दीयों को तेल की प्यास है उस शिखर पर ध्वजारोहण का लोभ है उस शितिज को छूने की चाह है … Continue reading

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    Tariq’s Figo has done an enormous value addition to our trip plannings. We love to plan and he loves to drive. But over the years, I have realized that the best of best trips have been unplanned. Somehow … Continue reading

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Movies and Society

Ayodhya verdict was announced last Thursday.  Next day I see a huge crowd gathered around a popular mall. I said to myself – here we go again…..But as I looked closer, the people seemed very happy….and then I saw a … Continue reading

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