Figo man is behind the lenses


Tariq’s Figo has done an enormous value addition to our trip plannings. We love to plan and he loves to drive. But over the years, I have realized that the best of best trips have been unplanned. Somehow everything falls into place and gets managed on its own. World is not that difficult a place to negotiate, you know. All you need is some company.

Last Saturday we went on to Shivanasamudra , Barachukki falls precisely . The decision was made around 9-10 a.m. We started at 12 , reached by 3 (130 km it was). The place was teeming with people – uncle, aunty, girlfriend, boyfriend, local villagers selling Bhajjis, cucumber, coracles. People were doing loads of timepass, showing their balancing skills, while crossing the river.  We got right down to our business, without much ado. And then we did a lot of timepass trying to reach a particular rock , swimming. The flow was strong and we were adamant on fighting it. But like all problems in life, it had a simple solution which we realized slightly later. Just that we had to experiment a little more, take a different path.


Water and the kid in us


Overall it was good fun. Good thing about unplanned trips is that you get an extra high after the trip because of the fact that you didn’t spend/waste any time in planning it. Saw ‘Yes Man’ later and could relate to the fun that Carl and Allison were having when they went to Nebraska, *unplanned*. These unscripted, unrehearsed moments are magical, you don’t regret any of them later.

P.S: Time to write about Agumbe-Sringeri Trip also, 1:31 am and sleepless in Bengaluru and there are loads of other topics to write upon.

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3 Responses to Shivanasamudra

  1. VINAY PANDEY says:

    rightly said PP…..unplanned ones are the best…still remember those unfulfilled plans ( sometimes spanning over a month ) 🙂

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