2010 for me

Inspired by similar posts by few folks, I also plan to jot down whatever I did, learnt, felt,saw during the year gone by:-

Spent Jan 1 night on Nandi hill

Got 4-wheeler DL but still not confident

Confusion – Thoughts of shifting from Engineering to consultancy, certification,Ā  Thoughts of Job Switch, Thoughts of other radical shifts – CEED, NID, FTII – a llot of confusion

A gala holi with all college friends

Ran Maiden Sunfeast 10k

Scuba-diving at Netrani

Changes in work, greater responsibilites

Leh – got cancelled

Catching up with the year gone by – Apsarkonda Beach,Honnavar on 31st Dec 2010 – courtsey Ghrunchu

Toastmasters happened

5 Theatre shows – but unsatisfactory performances from me

Exposed to Lots of theatre in general – clowning, forum, volunteering

Trek 4300 arrived and is crying for attention

Revived the blog

Agumbe-Sringeri trip

Shivanasamudra trip

One or two expressions found their way out

Few rounds of disappointments and realizations

Taudi near Kochi courtsey Jithu

Jog-Honnavar-Karwar trip and Gokarna experience on Jan 1 2011

2011 – lots and lots to look forward to, lots of challenges, lots of hopes, lots of people, lots of work

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5 Responses to 2010 for me

  1. vinay says:

    kya PP , never told about those theatre performances šŸ™‚ , let me catch u sometime..

  2. vjoshi says:

    Although, photo goes nice with the theme šŸ™‚

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