I have been reading ‘The Unknown Errors of Our Lives’ by Chitra Banerjee and am liking it very much.

Why am writing this post?
1) A sort of mental note to myself to follow this author more.
Emotions, relationships, living abroad, Bengali sensibilities, vivid imagery – I loved….errr was moved by this book.
Sample this from the latest story I read :
“It’s too exhausting to hold on to grudges…”

2) A thought struck me….few years back, I guess in 2009 Dec, I was in Kolkata with this same book. I couldn’t read it back then – may be I didn’t get time because of the wedding , for which I was there, or may be I was just 25 back then…pompous and all confident about myself…may be not ready for this kind of book.

So the point is the type of books that you…rather I like or I have liked have changed over years….

From reading specifically the portion of Mario Puzo’s masterpiece where Sonny Corleone pins somebody….hmm well I don’t remember her name….on to a wall….during my teenage years


Sportstars’ marvellous inspirational articles on ….well…sportstars(I still remember what they wrote for Steve Waugh in one article : If you want somebody to bat for your life, he has got to be Steve Waugh) and old reader digests from Kabadi market in Doon to cartoon strips of world war 2 (to MENTALLY prepare myself for NDA & SSB)


Jeffery Archer’s Prodigial Daughters and Sons and their Illustrious Families and Kane and Abel and Quiver Full of Arrows and yes the ‘Old Love’ – yes I enjoyed Jeffery Archers a lot – that was again teenage to college years I guess


I tried to read the Fountainhead just because everybody was reading and yes I liked the last and most famous part of it – but somehow I don’t feel for that book. However, the character of Roark keeps on coming back in my imagination…in situations where I become hypocrite, I wonder what Roark would have done and then I feel guilty :(…..


Robert Ludlum stuff – Bourne series etc – again inspired by few college mates


well, Love in the Time of Cholera – I hated and loved that book – there’s something about that book….I struggled to finish it …nevertheless I wanted to finish that saga of unrequited love 🙂


some motivational stuff – The Monk who sold his ferrari to the Alchemist – this was the early professional life phase


some humor from Chetan Bhagat – I re-read 5 point someone few days back and I loved it again and I loved 2-states always – well Chetan Bhagat happened to me on couple of flights


My losing my way with Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance – some book I say…have to finish it some day 🙂


Again some hindi translation of motivation books – You can win …Art of positive thinking – there was nothing better to do when I’m in Dehradun on vacation in merciless June


Now, Chitra Banerjee – The Unknown Errors of Our Lives – the year hasn’t be great so far (well 2011 rocked comparatively), to say least – and somehow the emotions from the book are resonating within
I wonder how she gets it all … from the feelings of an old women who is with her son and daughter-in-law in Sunnyvale to a confused desi NRI girl in some Los Angeles restaurant to another desi girl confused about marrying a nice guy who turns out to be not-so-nice-but-only-human – wide range of personalities and altogether different set of sensibilities associated with each character – She’s simply great at that or may be I’m in love with this book right now…this happens to me all the time…yes I loved Jeffery Archer at some point and Robert Ludlum too and Chetan Bhagat too and Gabriel Garcia too… I’m thinking …whether to buy other books written by her…they seem very promising…but I guess I’ll wait…for my current awe with her art to subside a bit and let me come to my senses 🙂

11:19 PM Friday the 13th of July 🙂 let’s have dinner and publish this grammatically ugly post of mine which any GMAT candidate would love to correct for misplaced whichs and thats 🙂

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  1. vin135ay says:

    hmmm..toh yeh baat hai

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